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“Medieval Lviv”

If  you visit the city of Lviv of the first time, this trip is for you. You see the first European Opera, inspect Dominican and Latin cathedral, visit the Jesuit church. You will hear stories about mysterious stone city, visit the drugstore – museum where you can buy unique medicines and souvenirs.

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Our walking tour we will start from the Opera House, then our way will lie along the central avenue of the city. Our trips will include: a review of Jesuit Church (XVII c.), visiting the Latin Cathedral, a little later, going to visit the famous market square. During the Renaissance era there were no numbers evere building. And every building had its own name: “Under the Lion”, “Black building”, “House of aphorisms.” In the center of the square stands the City Hall, which at all times and is now the city council. Visit the oldest pharmacy – museum, and after this see one of the most famous monuments of baroque Dominican Church, next to the cathedral is a monument Nikifor Drovniak . You can  touch his  magic finger and make a wish that will happen in this incredible city .

« Luchakiv Cemetery»

Visiting the memorial museum under the open sky, you will see sculptures gravestones of the first half of the XIX century., Ukrainian and Polish war graves, the oldest tombstones in the cemetery. You will hear interesting stories from biographies of famous people who were buried in the most famous necropolis.

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The most famous memorial cemetery in Lviv National Historical – Cultural museum – reserve “Cemeteries.” The cemetery has over 300 thousand graves of prominent political figures, writers, sculptors, musicians and artists. At the cemetery there are 24 chapels – Tomb of noble families built 2,000 tombs found on the graves of about 500 sculptures and reliefs. At the cemetery there is burial of Polish, Russian, Ukrainian soldiers during the First World War.

If you want to get to the memorial museum, do not hesitate memories of  most mystical cemetery in Lviv, will remain with you for a long time.

Excursion duration 2 hour.

“Austrian Lviv”

Famous Buildings and Gardens constructed, during the Austrian period deserve special note. Incredible Lviv Opera enchants its reliefs. Walking along Liberty Avenue will lead us to the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts, where you will find unique second sitting statue of liberty. These and many other interesting sights await you …

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At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Lviv is being actively developed and transformed into one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. By the time the Lviv stayed in the Austrian Empire.

Lviv became the first city that had connections with Europe, second only to Kyiv which was electronic tram.

Strange inventions attributable to the Austrian daily. For example,  in Lviv kerosene lamp was invented, which started  being used almost everywhere. In honor of its invention a museum opened  in Lviv  – the restoration of “Kerosene lamp” institution, which has more than 200 kinds of kerosene lamps.

During the tour we will show you the Habsburg Empire quarters of the most beautiful and most interesting buildings of that time: the Galician Diet, the oldest city park, Potocki Palace, Svoboda and Shevchenko avenues. Let’s have a walk around the medieval city center.

Excursion duration 3 hour.

 Lviv Opera Theatre”

Theatre excursion will make your evening memorable. You can enjoy the extraordinary paintings, marble decorations and forged products that adorn the lobby and hall mirror. Dedicate your evening to high art.

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You fall to see whether the most beautiful buildings in Europe, which was built in just three years. You’ll hear which architects fought for the right to create this masterpiece. Sculptures of Tragedy and Comedy, ancient Greek muse reliefs on ancient themes are placed in Lviv National Opera and in theatre of S. Krushelnytska. Having been in the middle of the theater, you will hit not only room with Venetian mirrors, but also luxurious lobby, elegant lobby and audience hall built in the shape of a lyre, with more than 1000 spectators. You will be told the story of the famous Lviv Opera House, you will be able to see the interior and exterior, learn about theatrical traditions of the city.

Excursion duration 1 hour.

Underground Lviv”

Your journey in Lviv may start not with bustling streets, but in the quiet, dark, mysterious cave. You will hear many stories and  unreal legends while walking in Lviv dungeons.

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If your soul wants mysticism, this underground is for you,  in the dark recesses of the cave, you can see the “ghost” of the Black monk who sold his soul to the devil. You can go down to the level below the roadway to see the cave where hundreds of Lviv citizens saved their life during the war, examine a mystical place for solitude monks who came here to communicate with God. During the tour in the basement of the church of the Jesuits, Pharmacy-museum and Bernadine  monastery you will feel the mystique of the underground life.

Excursion duration 2 hour.