Hello! My name is Roksolana.
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian (native)
I am in love with our city, in it’s atmosphere and people! I like talking to different people and to learn something new from them! I am also interested in trainings and psychology! Like drawing, creating presents for friends, singing.


     Hello, my name is Julia.
I’m studying at Lviv Ivan Franko National University and I’m going to become a translator. I love to read books, to wash the dishes, to study foreign languages, to brew tea, to eat chocolate (especially white), to conduct tours, to make fun with my friends, to translate books of my favourite writers and a great number of different stuff. Why I love Lviv? Frankly speaking, for everything… for uncomfortable benches, overcrowded transport, old trams, traditional local haste, chance meetings, expected-unexpected rain and for great number of other not less important little things. But the most I love Lviv, because it’s so cosy – it doesn’t matter where I am, I feel that I’m at home, sitting in my kitchen with a cup of tea…

Hello! My name is Halia.
I’m a student of Lviv Ivan Franko National University and my major is translation studies. I’ve been a member of Free Tours project for nearly 2 years and usually I’m tour-guiding in English and Ukrainian.
I am interested in photography, music and literature and recently I’ve taken to creating different hand-made stuff. I love field flowers, colorful things, creativity and meeting new people. But what I adore most is Lviv – the city of lions and cobblestone road, narrow medieval streets and cozy courtyards; the city where one discovers new and unique things everyday and where one aspires to come back again and again.